This web application was developed by College of Informatics students from Northern Kentucky University, in a special topics experiential learning course taught during the Summer 2020 term.

Photo of this site displayed on two iPhones

Experiential learning courses place students in real-world scenarios using industry-standard tools — working with clients to scope and deliver an end-to-end solution — in order to be better prepared for entry into the workplace.

The students in this course worked with the client to develop:

The team of students created this mobile-first web application based in PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, CSS and HTML. It consists of features such as:

Screen captures of the mobile app arranged in an array

The Team

Josh Hannon is a senior Business Information Systems student with a focus in Health Information Systems. His interests are sports, working out and hanging out with friends.

Nick Klaene is a junior Computer Science student with a minor in Mathematics interested primarily in software development.

Jonathan Makunga is a junior majoring in both Computer Science and Information Technology with a minor in Information Systems.

Robert Ruwe is a senior majoring in Computer Science with an Information Security minor. Robert spent 8 years in the army as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. He and his wife are expecting their second child in November.

Ken Ryumae is a rising senior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. While he is not coding, Ken likes to compose music, play games, and cook.

Elizabeth Schnuck is a senior with a major in Computer Information Technology and a minor is Information Systems. She has experience with HTML, Java, Ruby, SQL and JavaScript.

Chris Brewer is the instructor of this course, a Computer Science faculty member, and is the Director of Innovation & Technology for Informatics+ in the College of Informatics.